Designed for small to mid-sized businesses, we set you up for success
so you can do the rest.

MiddleList Studio is a media agency dedicated to

providing small to mid-sized companies with

affordable and sustainable solutions for their media needs.

Brand consulting

Uncover your company’s unique story, as we develop your brand identity and give you new insight with market research.

Content creation

Decide what content you need to be created from our comprehensive MiddleList Menu.

Creative coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching calls Learn from our one-on-one coaching sessions how to create stunning content using Canva so you can have creative control over your company.

A word from our founder

“Our mission is to provide you with sustainable and affordable media solutions so you can have creative control over your business.

We're here to meet you in the "middle phase" and take your company from good and great. Let's get to work!"

Madeleine Hamm, Founder

MiddleList Comprehensive Packages

Independent Contracting

2–5 month contract for businesses, NGOs, and religious organizations seeking comprehensive support for their brand.

MiddleList Contract

Branding, brand research, creative content templates, and coaching calls in graphic design and marketing for small to mid-size businesses.

Strategy Consultation

Dedicated to the “side hustle” for tiny businesses, one-on-one coaching calls where we create a strategy for your business and provide resources.

Freelance Tasks

Choose from the comprehensive list of content needs.

Group Coaching

Whether you have a group of colleagues who want to learn how to use Canva or you feel members of your staff can use creative help, learn by doing.

Explore the MiddleList Menu:

Your ultimate guide to diverse content creation formats.